International Cooperation on Vocational Training

Dual Vocational Training
The training provides extensive knowledge of the dual vocational training system in Germany. The training programme includes visits to players in dual vocational training as well as advanced workshops and training courses. The duration of the training course varies be-tween 3 and 5 days. An IHK Certificate can be acquired depending on the duration and scope.

Continuing Training courses
Based on the German business administrator and master of crafts training, employees can undergo training in cooperation with local partners. Shorter seminars or various specialised seminars are also possible.

Train the Trainer
Trainers and partners of vocational training are trained in both the technology and the teaching technique in their respective fields in a train-the-trainer seminar. An IHK Certificate can be acquired depending on the duration and scope. The training is held on site and in Bavaria.

Institutional Cooperation (Capacity Building)
The IHK Akademie cooperates with institutional partners abroad (chambers, associations or partners of vocational training) in the setting of supporting projects. Knowhow transfer, organisational development, training and consulting are some of the focuses of the cooperation.

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